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My idea of Custom, Vintage-Style Tin Signs has been several years in the making.  I have always loved Vintage Tin Signs, but my 

dilemma was this:  Originals are expensive and hard to come by.  The reproductions are cheap and flimsy.  


So I set out to make a Vintage and Nostalgic Tin Sign that was just like the originals - but that could be customized and personalized!

Thus was born  and - retail shops that specializes in Custom, Personalized Tin and Wood Signs and non-personalized Tin and Wood Signs.


But with the weekly demand from customers wanting to purchase in large quantities to sell in their shops, the need for a Wholesale Division became apparent.  So we compiled a list of our Top Selling Designs for you to choose from - OR - we can make a Custom Design JUST FOR YOU! (Anything from your Business Logo to Just an Idea you have).  Sell OUR designs or YOUR designs. And since we are the owners of the process & the manufacturer - our prices are quite low. 


Remember: Our patented process allows us to create Custom, Personalized Tin Signs with a vintage look and feel.  Our designs are NOT an afterthought - but an integral part of the sign.  These ARE NOT cheap reproductions, but authentic, Vintage Style, Tin Signs. And we are proud to say our signs are 100% Made in the USA!


 And don't forget - We do Custom Wood Signs too!

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